Achats en ligne sécurisés avec Visa

Une sécurité avancée pour vous aider à faire vos achats en ligne avec confidence et la tranquillité de l’esprit.

Protecting you is our top priority

At Visa, we are committed to making online shopping as secure, fast and convenient as purchases you make in a store. With over 60 years of payments expertise, we partner with merchants and issuers to deliver a seamless customer experience that protects you—however you purchase, wherever you are.
An image with different digital devices that individuals can use to shop safely online.

When shopping online at participating merchant sites with your Visa card, you get:

An icon of a lock that represents privacy and safety in online shopping with Visa.
An icon of a woman using her phone to shop safely online.
An image of two devices that represent Visa's strategy to make individuals have a safe online shopping experience.


Contact your Visa card issuer directly for more information